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Summer Dress Vs Pants

Like many Americans lately, I stay up at night worrying about our future. This fall, we will all be faced with a pivotal decision, and I’m concerned that we may not make the right one.

You probably think I’m talking about the presidential election. Yeah, that’s pretty important. The world is in a state of turmoil. But I have another dire issue on my mind: the choice between dresses and pants and the possibility that, faced with this dilemma, some people may choose…both.

The other day, I did a double take as a woman strolled past me on the street in a floral maxi dress with jeans. Now, I live in Park Slope, which—despite being part of Brooklyn—is no fashion mecca (unless you consider Birkenstocks, ribbed tank tops and stained totes couture). But I was still caught unawares and suddenly thrust into the throws of a disturbing flashback: late 1990s. Grunge era. College in California. Young women crossing the quad in boxy patchwork Anthropologie dresses with bootleg Levi’s or corduroys underneath. (Shudder.)

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